About Koren

I could have been an archaeologist…

As a child, archaeologists’ work fascinated me. I marveled at how they exhumed pottery, bones, and other artifacts and used them to construct the stories of ancient civilizations. I seriously considered that career path, but a love of literature drew me down a different road.

Instead I became a writer who excavates stories from science, life, and imagination, translating them into compelling articles and narratives that inform and engage audiences. Occasionally, they are the once-upon-a-time stuff of fiction (one of my short stories, “The Project,” became a mini-play and my novel Technocracy released in November 2020). More often they are about health topics, innovative research, and tales of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Real people. Great stories.

My own story includes work in traditional and multimedia journalism, healthcare copywriting and public relations, web content strategy, and higher ed communications. My specialties include health, technology, and wellness—and I’m experienced in an even wider scope of topics.

When not writing, you can find me trail running, trying out the latest plant-based recipes, or serving as a domestic missionary.


My Clients

My creative partners have included healthcare organizations, higher ed institutions, consumer publications, and more.


As a writer, I help them with:

  • advertorials
  • annual report copy
  • articles
  • blog posts
  • brochure copy
  • newsletter copy
  • patient education materials
  • patient stories
  • profiles (alumni, faculty, student, and donor stories)
  • research briefs and features
  • Viewbook copy
  • website copy