A Beautiful Mind

You can be the most breathtaking woman in any room–no makeup required.

By Koren Wetmore |

You’re headed off to work when you notice a blemish on your chin and an unruly crop of hair, and the thought hits: Man, I look bad today. At the office, that flirty fellow in marketing now acts like you don’t exist. Even the sandwich guy dashes away.

After work you hit the gym and emerge sweaty and disheveled but feeling strong. Suddenly every male within 10 feet is looking admiringly your way. What’s going on?

Just a little mind over matter.

“We tend to think that beauty is fueled by physical appearance, but 99 percent comes from within a woman,” says life coach Victoria Moran, author of Lit From Within: A Simple Guide to the Art of Inner Beauty. “When you think you’re terrific and on top of things, you stand up tall. If you’re feeling unworthy, you’ll hunch over, and you’ll look heavier, older and even like you have less money.”

In fact your thoughts control everything from how you dress and groom to how you talk and act. Release your inner diva today by following these steps to managing your mind…

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