Are You for Real?

By Koren Wetmore |

Pop quiz time. You’re at your favorite watering hole and the group is discussing popular music, when someone says that opera is reserved for closet-dwelling geeks who can’t keep a beat on the dance floor.

Do you pipe up and confess that the score from “La Boheme” stirs your soul? Or, do you hover silently over your cocktail only to later sob over your Pavarotti collection? If you chose silence and sobbing, you may be trading the joy of an authentic life for the drudgery of living someone else’s idea of what your life should be.

From birth to death we are bombarded with opinions of parents, friends, teachers and lovers. “Not only do we hear those voices but also we hear the voices of people we see on TV,” says Susan Piver, author of The Hard Questions for an Authentic Life. “You need to separate those family, media and cultural messages from who you really are.”

But it can be hard to separate those voices from our inner truth. In fact, society encourages us to trade our real selves in favor of the latest concept of what is considered right to wear, do and have to be successful. Yet only you can define what is right for you, because you are the one who knows you best. And, if you don’t know your real self, it’s time you two got acquainted…


Published in Women’s Health & Fitness