Fracture Database Yields Surprising Insights

What data from 4,000 patients reveals about elbow
 fracture treatment.

By Koren Wetmore |

Armed with the right query, Dr. Mauricio Silva, Medical Director of Orthopaedic Institute for Children (OIC), can find answers to his most pressing questions about elbow fractures. That’s because he’s built the nation’s largest database of patient information related to supracondylar, medial epicondyle, and lateral condyle fractures of the humerus.

“I initially tried doing some retrospective studies, but there was always information that was missing,” Silva says. “So the only way to have something meaningful was to collect, every time that I saw a patient, all the information I thought could be valuable or needed in the future.”

Since 2007, he and his staff have gathered information from around 4,000 patients who have been seen and treated at OIC. ..


Published in Motions | Newsletter of the Orthopaedic Institute for Children