Heart H(app)y

By Koren Wetmore |

Lois Freeman, DNP, MS ’02, BSN ’01, always wanted to be a nurse, but it was her volunteer work in the intensive care unit as an undergraduate that led to Freeman’s specialty in cardiology.

Although we know more about heart failure today, hospitalizations due to the condition have tripled, and it still claims the lives of more than 300,000 people a year. A key tactic in reducing these numbers is patient education.

“We as health care providers have failed at teaching patients about what heart failure is and what they can do to manage it,” says Freeman, a telehealth and primary care nurse practitioner and heart failure educator for the Veterans Administration (VA) Maryland Health Care System in Baltimore. “Once patients know what they can do, most are willing to try.”

Freeman’s idea for a smartphone app aims to put that knowledge and power in patients’ hands. Her project, the Heart Failure Mobile App, was one of 15 that won development funding from approximately 4,000 entries…


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