The Natural Superbug Cure No One is Telling You About

By Koren Wetmore |

Laura Roberts clutched her Bible in her lap and gazed out the plane window at the wispy clouds below. She turned to her brother, Andrew, seated beside her and smiled, not wanting to worry him. She was thankful to have him there and deeply moved by his willingness to accompany her on this uncertain journey.

Fighting back nausea and the throbbing pain permeating her body, Roberts prayed for the strength to make it through the next 23 hours.

She’d take three long flights from her home in Fort Worth, TX, before reaching her destination and the unconventional treatment she hoped would save her life.

Doctors had told Roberts she had three months left to live—not because she had terminal cancer or some exotic virus, but simply because she had developed a sinus infection that antibiotics could not cure…

Published in Prevention